Take the Hybread Challenge for Your Chance to Win!

Did you know that dark green vegetables are, calorie for calorie, one of the most nutritionally dense foods? In fact, greens are high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and Vitamins A, C, E and K and many of the B vitamins.

Hybread makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of veggies, all while enjoying one of your all time favorite foods—a delicious sandwich. We use local fresh vegetables are washed three times and BAKED WHOLE at relatively low temperatures. Heating at lower temperatures actually unlocks many of the nutrients from the leaves making them more available to you then in its raw state.

Find out for yourself how good Hybread tastes and makes your body feel by swapping out your old bread for Hybread for a week. Best of all, the kiddos LOVE the taste of Hybread and can’t tell that it is packed with nutrition! We know that once you and your family try Hybread, you’ll be hooked! To participate in the Hybread challenge simply:

  1. Head to your local Sprouts to purchase Hybread. You can find it by clicking here.
  2. Take a picture of your recipe using Hybread under the hashtag #HybreadChallenge and let us know how it tastes and makes you feel. Make sure to tag us @hybreadus so that we can see your photo.
  3. If we contact you to share your photo then we will award you a $50 VISA Gift Card and two free loaves of bread. You must give us permission to share your photo to collect your prize. It’s that easy!